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Monitoring of pregnancy


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life. The majority of pregnancies go smoothly without any complications and women can be happy. The inner desire of all expectant mothers is to enjoy the beautiful time of being pregnant and then give birth to a healthy and happy child.


In order to ensure the safe course of your pregnancy, Maarja-Liis Stern works closely with Dr. Marek Šois and nurse Diana Jurna to provide a private monitoring system in our cozy environment. This monitoring system is based on care, attentiveness and state-of-the-art diagnostics, as well as collaboration with various laboratories and the best specialists in their field from various medical institutions.


Maarja-Liis graduated from Tallinn Health Care College in 2012 with a major in midwifery and since then she has worked as a midwife for 8 years at the Fertilitas Private Hospital and is beloved amongst expectant mothers.


Here is how Tiina describes Maarja-Liis in TerviseTrend:

“A midwife who radiates warmth, knows everything and is incredibly diligent – exactly the kind of person you can entrust with your health and what you treasure most at this important time.”


The Fetal Ultrasound Center also welcomes expectant mothers who speak Russian and English, so it is very important that Maarja-Liis can help them in their own language.


We also have women at increased risk of preeclampsia and growth restriction, as well as expectant women with ectopic or twin pregnancies here at the Fetal Ultrasound Center, so our work is characterized by the very close cooperation between our midwife, nurse and gynecologist.


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