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Pregnancy week by week

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Although it is said that pregnancy lasts 9 months, its length is, in particular, 40 weeks, i.e. 280 days which are divided in their turn into three trimesters. The estimated beginning of pregnancy is the first day of the last menstruation.  Thus you are considered pregnant afterwards, already before the actual conception took place.


What does Dr. Marek Šois recommend?

If you have decided to become pregnant, think carefully whether you have to make changes in your lifestyle and nutrition. The women who plan to become pregnant are recommended to take folic acid already before becoming pregnant. In terms of the development and growth of the child folic acid is essential during the first trimester and helps to avoid fetal malformations. In the interests of the child’s health one should surely give up drugs, alcohol and tobacco, whereby passive smoking is also unhealthy.


If you use some medicines, ask for advice from your doctor – some medicines are forbidden or undesirable for the pregnant. It would be good if you could visit a gynaecologist before becoming pregnant, as your great health is a good basis for the development of the fetus. The medical examination to be carried out before pregnancy is essential for hedging the risks as to the health of the future child. Such changes in the woman’s body like infections, hormonal disorders and metabolic changes could have an impact on the life of the future child. It is more reasonable to start treatment before pregnancy instead of influencing the already developing fetus with pending treatment.


If you wish to let yourself examined before becoming pregnant, you might be interested in our pregnancy planning package.


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