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Pregnancy planning package


The medical examination to be performed before pregnancy is important as to the health of the mother and the child to hedge the risks. Such changes in the woman’s body as infections, hormonal disorders, metabolic changes which could have an impact on the life of the future child. It is more reasonable to start treatment before pregnancy than to influence the life of the already developing fetus with treatment.


The questions that can be answered by applying this package:


  • What is my general health condition?
  • Don’t I have any hidden health problem – infection, inflammation, anemia or metabolic disorder of carbohydrates (e.g. diabetes) which could endanger future pregnancy?
  • Don’t I have any hidden health problem in the uterus or ovaries which could hinder getting pregnant or carrying out pregnancy?
  • Do my thyroid, liver and kidneys function normally?
  • Which are iron, folic acid and D-vitamin reserves of my body?


The package includes


Consultation of the nurse

  • Includes the measurement of blood pressure and setting of BMI and taking of blood tests


Consultation of the gynaecologist

  • Includes anamnesis and assessment of disease risks


Ultrasound test of uterus and small pelvis

  • Provides an overview of the size and shape of the uterus and detailed assessment on the structure of uterine muscle, mucous membrane of the uterus and ovaries.


Ultrasound test of breasts

  • Provides an assessment on the structure of breasts and lymph nodes under one’s armpit


LBC  analysis of the cervix and analysis of infectious diseases

  • Gives an assessment on the existence of precancerous conditions of the cervix
  • Gives an assessment on the existence of sexually transmitted infections


Venous blood test including the following indicators:


ABO blood group, Rh-affiliation, erythrocyte antibodies

  • Before pregnancy it is important to also conduct the test of erythrocyte antibodies to assess the risk of rhesus conflict in addition to blood group and Rh-affiliation.



  • General overview of the condition of the body
  • Enables to screen, diagnose and monitor several diseases and conditions influencing blood cells- for example anemia, infection, inflammation, bleeding disorders, tumours
  • Indicates the condition of immune system
  • Indicates the oxygen transport ability of blood


Ferritin in serum

  • Indicates the iron reserves in the body


C-reactive protein

  • Sensitive infection marker which could refer to the hidden infectious process of the body



  • High figures could refer to diabetes
  • The increased figures of glucose endanger both the fetal development as well as normal course of pregnancy



  • The marker for diagnosing the diabetes and monitoring of course of disease
  • Enables to specify the persons who have higher risk for the incurrence of diabetes


Alanine aminotransferase

  • Enables to assess the occurrence of liver damage



  • Helps to assess whether kidneys function normally


Thyroid stimulating hormone, i.e. TSH

  • Sensitive marker for assessment of thyroid function
  • The under as well as over functioning of the mother’s thyroid endanger both the fetal development and the normal course of pregnancy


Vitamin D

  • Low level connected with the risk of occurrence of several diseases
  • Important vitamin for the normal development of bones and teeth


Folic acid

  • The lack of folic acid could cause developmental disorders of the fetal front abdomen, skull or spine


Detection of the sexually transmitted diseases through blood

  • AIDS, syphilis, B hepatitis, C hepatitis


Detection of uterine infection agents

  • Agent of toxoplasmosis, rose rash virus, cytomegalovirus
  • These viruses are related to miscarriage, premature birth and uterine damage of the fetus


Urine band test

  • For the detection of infections of urinary tracts
  • 10 different parameters are set, in case of changes it is possible to assess the occurrence of several diseases


The visit to the nurse should be planned at the morning hours (one should not eat or drink to give a blood test). NB! The package also includes urine test. The required sample container for urine test can be obtained from the pharmacy. 


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