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Ambulatory obstetric service:

  1. Establishing of pregnancy.
  2. Taking samples for analyses to register with pregnancy.
  3. Registration with pregnancy and monitoring during pregnancy.
  4. Ultrasound tests during pregnancy.
  5. Genetic tests during pregnancy.
  6. Conservative treatment of problems during pregnancy and referral of the pregnant to the hospital, if required.


Ambulatory gynaecological service:

  1. Annual prophylactic gynaecological check-up.
  2. Cervix cancer screening.
  3. Diagnostics and treatment of venereal infections.
  4. Diagnostics and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.
  5. Diagnostics of infertility problems.
  6. Diagnostics and treatment of menstruation cycle disorders.
  7. Diagnostics and treatment of bleeding beyond menstruation cycle.
  8. Diagnostics of chronic lower abdominal pain.
  9. Diagnostics and treatment of complaints of transient period.
  10. Contraception-related advisory and ordination of contraceptives. 

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