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Genetic tests

An expecting mother can have four different prenatal chromosome and gene-disease tests.


Panorama test helps to examine that the fetus in the womb does not have Down, Edwards or Patau syndrome, X-linked diseases (Klinefelter and Turner syndrome) or triploidy. The patient gets an answer in 14 days.


In addition to the chromosome diseases above, Panorama XP test gives information also about the five most frequent genetic diseases that cause mental disability. The patient gets an answer in 14 days.


Vistara test helps to obtain knowledge about the pathology of 30 single genes of the fetus that cause 25 gene diseases not often detected during the ultrasonography and occurring only during the first years of life. The patient gets an answer in 21 days.


Horizon test investigates the parents against the 274 dominant autosomal diseases. If both parents carry the specified defective gene, there is a risk that their baby is sick in 25% of cases. The patient gets an answer in 21 days.


After the positive screening tests, it is necessary to perform the invasive diagnostic test (chorionic villus sampling or amniocentesis).


The most comprehensive miscarriage test


Anora test helps determine why a miscarriage occurred. Testing is performed on the tissue from the pregnancy loss. The patient gets an answer in 10 days.