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Registration of patients

Due to the emergency in Estonia regarding the pandemic spread of the SARS CoV-2 virus, several restrictions have been introduced at the Fetal Ultrasound Center.

For the health of you, your loved ones, and the staff of our Fetal Ultrasound Center, we ask that you take these restrictions very seriously and comply with them.



  1. Fetal Ultrasound Screening is restricted to the patient and only one support person is allowed.

  2. If you are ill, have recently arrived from a foreign country, or have been in contact with a someone diagnosed with COVID-19, please cancel your appointment by calling us at 656 6162 or 521 0046 and ask our administrator for a new date. Patients with viral and cold-related diseases will not be admitted to our Ultrasound Center!


Although it is safer to come for examination at the Fetal Ultrasound Center instead of a large hospital, we strive to minimize the number of people who visit our centre. The more people in the waiting room, the more likely they are to be infected and to transmit the virus.


When a patient arrives at the Ultrasound Center, they must disinfect their hands and she places a protective mask in front of the face.



At the Fetal Ultrasound Center, a gynaecologist will perform an ultrasound examination using protective gloves and an interchangeable tablecloth for each patient.


I appreciate your understanding in these unusual times. The small staff of the Fetal Ultrasound Center will do everything in its power to ensure the safety of mothers and their fetuses.


Loote Ultrahelikeskus is open on weekdays:


  • 08:00 am - 12:00 am
  • 01:00 pm - 05:00 pm


You can register to the appointment by phone or e-mail. Our contact information:



Please take your time when coming to an appointment. Regardless of the fact that we have considered half an hour for each patient, some ultrasound test could last longer for objective reasons. Thus it could happen that you should wait for your appointment.


In order to make the waiting time as pleasant as possible, we have created a cosy atmosphere in our waiting room – sofa, magazines and WIFI are at your disposal. The mood is set by pleasant background music and our dwarf umbrella tree - Schefflera arboricola.


If required, you can drink coffee, tea or water. The ones having come from farther places can spend their time in Tammsaare lunch restaurant located on the first floor of Tammsaare Ärikeskus (open on Monday to Thursday 08.30 am – 04:00 pm and on Friday 08:30 am - 03:00 pm).


The visit fee can be paid in cash as well as with bank card.