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Pregnancy week by week

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You are probably really at your limit and not able to tolerate this feeling of clumsiness. At the same time you are impatiently waiting for the meeting with your child. But do not be disappointed when it is not born this week. Your doctor probably gave several different due dates based on the ultrasound tests made at the beginning of pregnancy, out of which one was finally chosen. The baby comes when it is ready for it and only five percent of the children are born at the set date.


Your baby

Your baby is ready for birth. The due newborn weighs in average 3200-3800 grams and its length is 46-54 cm. The head perimeter is mostly 34-36 cm. The breast’s perimeter is mostly equal to the perimeter of head or 2-3 cm smaller. The underskin tissue of the child has developed, thus the child is pink and round and the underskin blood vessels are not coming to the fore. The testicles of the boys have fallen to the scrotum and the girls have labia majora covering labia minora. The nails of the newborn reach the ends of fingers and toes. The fetal ointment is removed from the skin or occurs in places in the area of shoulders. Each child is still different, so these numbers and properties might not be right in case of your baby.


Dr. Marek Šois recommends

You have probably prepared yourself already for delivery mentally and home preparations for the coming of the newborn have ended. The maternity hospital should be turned to when the contractions of the uterus have become more frequent or painful than usual or when the amniotic fluids break out or blood is coming from the vagina.


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