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Pregnancy week by week

Selected week:


The removal of mucus plug could signify the beginning of delivery. The mucus plug is a fibrous jelly-like substance which is located in the channel of cervix and creates the protective layer between vagina and uterus by keeping bacteria away from the latter. The removal of the mucus plug indicates that your body prepares for the delivery. The delivery usually starts within the next 72 hours. One of the necessities related to pregnancy is the increasing fluid of the vagina. Consult your gynaecologist or midwife, as it is important to treat all infections which could transfer over to the fetus before delivery. The infectious vagina also ruptures more easily during delivery.


Your baby

Your baby weighs now about 3200 g and is about 46 cm tall and there is about one litre of amniotic fluid. The growth of the child stops and it gains only ten grams of fat a day. Although the baby was physically ready for birth already weekdays ago, its immune system is still developing and this strengthens also after the birth – the antibodies needed for fighting the diseases are acquired by the baby from the mother’s milk.


Dr. Marek Šois recommends

Mother’s milk is the best food for your child. Familiarize yourself with the breastfeeding topic, then you will have fewer surprises after birth. The importance of breastfeeding, problems related to the first days, correct feeding positions and other topics are talked about for example in the lectures of family school.


If during pregnancy the gynaecologist has suspected that the placenta or the blood vessels of placenta cover the entry of the cervix and hinder the baby’ birth, you might be interested in our assessment of placenta and front location of blood vessels of placenta: Sometimes the intravaginal examination is necessary for specifying the diagnosis.


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