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Pregnancy week by week

Selected week:


The uterus has expanded double-sized and is now in the size of an orange. The breasts seem heavier than ever before. As the blood supply has increased and is increasing also together with the pregnancy, the blood vessels could be clearer seen on the breasts, stomach and legs. This is normal and recedes after birth.


Your baby

The body of your future child is catching on with the growth of head and it already looks like a human being. This week the tail will be gone. Its skeleton is still initially gristly, but is taking a right shape. The backbone of the fetus is clearly visible through superthin skin. The external genitals begin to form, but the sex of the child could not yet be established at the ultrasound examination. In addition to the movements the baby swallows amniotic fluid, this passes its body and comes out as urine. During next three weeks the fetus grows twice as long. Every day more and more new small details appear on its body, such as finger and toe nails, the fingers are fully separated from each other and legs grow longer.


Dr. Marek Šois recommends

If you wish to register yourself with pregnancy in Loote Ultrahelikeskus, the pregnancy weeks 10-11 will be the best time for that.



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