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Pregnancy week by week

Selected week:


This is the third and the last trimester of your pregnancy. By caressing your stomach the baby can respond to you by kicking. The uterus is now reaching the chest and the weight is constantly rising up to 36-37 weeks. The weight gain of the pregnant is, inter alia, one of the indicators of correct nutrition. The weight should increase by 300-400 grams a week and 9-11 kilograms within whole pregnancy. There is no feeling of nausea, but you will be disturbed by heartburn and aggravated digestion. Some first milk, i.e. colostrum, could leak from your breast.


Your baby

Your baby has grown twice as big within the last month and weighs now about 1 kg and is almost 38 cm tall. If it were burn now, it would survive with 90% probability with the help of intensive treatment. Though it is much better in any case, if it grows in the uterus and would be born on time. By this stage of pregnancy the fetus has developed all vital organs and this is the period of fast growth and maturing. The fetus is already reminding of the newborn infant as to the body proportions. It has bigger head compared to the body and thus most of them have turned themselves upside down. It has developed the mimic muscles of face and it can smile.


It opens its eyes. The connection has been established between the retina of eye and brain and the child has a special stare now. The pineal gland of brain has begun to produce hormone called melatonin. Upon the impact of the given hormone the fetus has a daily regime. Some are more active in the mornings, others in the evenings, but regardless of this they still sleep most of the time, i.e. 90-95% of the day.


At the given stage of pregnancy the fetus has developed all 5 senses.

  • It sees light gleaming through the covers of mother’s stomach
  • It is able to hear the sounds coming outside the uterus, e.g. the voice of father.
  • It breaths and swallows amniotic fluid, by feeling its smell and taste.
  • It has developed the tactile and pain sensitivity of skin.


Just as the newborn baby, the fetus have at this stage of pregnancy already eyebrows and lashes. The toe and finger ends are covered with nails. Some fetuses have also hair. Its heart beats 120-160 times a minute. This is twice as fast as the heart of the mother, i.e. the heartbeat of mother and father together.


The mimic muscles of the baby have developed, thus it is more and more similar to the newborn child. Thus the best time for fetal 3D/4D ultrasound test is during weeks 26-32:


What does 3D/4D ultrasound test include?

  • Creating of three-dimensional image of fetal face and limbs
  • Assessment of the fetal position and growth with the coloured excerpt between the folder
  • Assessment of position and structure of placenta
  • Assessment of quantity of amniotic fluid
  • Assessment of fetal structures
  • Assessment of fetal functions (movements, breathing, heart work, swallowing)
  • If required, assessment of sex of fetus


If required and depending on the position of the fetus, you could require:

  • The USB recording of ultrasound test with doctor’s comments
  • Coloured photo of the fetus
  • Pictures via the Tricefy cloud to your smart device

  • 3D image of the fetus



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