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Infertility test package for women



Infertility test package is meant for the women who have tried to get pregnant approximately within one year, but without results. In this case it is recommended to examine the reasons. The reasons resulting from the health condition is good to be specified early, as treatment takes time. As a result of early treatment one could get pregnant naturally in many cases.


The tests have indicated that in about third of the cases the reason of infertility is due to a woman, in a third of the cases due to a man and in a third of the cases infertility has decreased as to both partners. The reason of infertility by approximately 10% of the pairs is unclear.


The questions that can be answered by applying this package:

  • Do I have some hidden status of disease in an uterus or ovaries being a hindrance in getting pregnant?
  • What is the function of my ovaries and reserve of follicles?
  • Do ovulations occur in the ovaries?
  • Do I have some hidden infection or precancerous condition of cervix which could endanger future pregnancy or would be a hindrance in the future, if required, for carrying out the procedure of extra-uterine fertilization?
  • Which additional tests should be taken?


The package includes


Consultation of the nurse

  • Includes the measurement of blood pressure and setting of BMI and taking blood tests


Consultation of the gynaecologist

  • Includes anamnesis and assessment of disease risks


3D ultrasound of uterus and small pelvis

  • Provides an overview of the size and shape of the uterus and uterine cavity.
  • Provides a detailed assessment on the structure of uterine muscle, mucous membrane of uterus and ovaries.
  • Helps to discover intrauterine myoma nodules or polyps which could hinder the nesting of embryo to the uterine mucous membrane.
  • Helps to assess the structure and blood supply of endometrium.
  • Helps to discover endometriosis. Endometriosis is a disease in case of which the uterine mucous membrane is located as small foci outside the uterine cavity. The foci of endometriosis cause damages in ovaries and could create the closure of oviducts. The endometriosis includes changes in tissue fluids which have a hazardous impact on the ovules as well as the embryos at the very early age. Endometriosis could cause chronic lower abdominal pain and infertility.


The LBC analysis of cervix and analyses of infectious diseases

  • Gives an assessment on the existence of precancerous conditions of the cervix
  • Gives assessment on the existence of the sexually transmitted infections


Venous blood test including the following indicators:


ABO blood group, Rh-affiliation, erythrocyte antibodies

  • The given analyses are important, if required, for later conduct of extracorporal fertilization procedure or laparoscopy


The hormones influencing menstruation cycle and release of ovule

  • For setting the level of hormones influencing the maturing of ovules


Anti Müller’s hormone

  • By measuring the level of the given hormone it is possible to assess the remaining number of ovules in your ovaries


Tumour antigen CA - 125

  • By measuring the given blood protein it is possible to discover endometriosis


Detection of sexually transmitted diseases through blood

  • AIDS, syphilis, B hepatitis, C hepatitis
  • The given analyses are important, if required, for later conduct of extracorporal fertilization procedure or laparoscopy


The visit to the nurse should be planned at morning hours on the 3-5th day of the menstruation cycle (no need to be without food or drinks for giving the blood test). The visit of gynaecologist should be planned for the 12-14th day of menstruation cycle (one should come to the visit with empty urinary bladder). 


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