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Very early fetal scan + Panorama 22q11 test

Panorama 22q11 test enables to detect also DiGeorge syndrome besides Down, Edwards, Patau syndromes and triploidy which have a strong impact on the child’s health. By causing intellectual disability, heart and breathing problems, immune system and feeding problems and other problems, the immediate postnatal intervention could be necessary.


22q11.2 microdeletion syndrome, i.e. DiGeorge syndrome, is the most common deletion syndrome which occurs approximately in 1 in every 2000-4000 live births.


DiGeorge syndrome is the second most common chromosomal pathology which causes congenital heart developmental disorders of the fetus, remaining behind only of Down syndrome. These two syndromes are similar also as to the remaining part, as both have several disease symptoms, including poor muscle tone.


The children with DiGeorge syndrome often have heart failures, immune system problems and from mild to moderate intellectual disability. They could also have bilateral expansion of renal pelvis, pathology of limbs or spine, problems with feeding and/or cramps. Schizophrenia.


The Panorama22q11 test is currently one of the most reliable DNA-based, safe and accurate screening tests for chromosomal disorders that can be used in twins with one placenta.


The price of the test includes a very early fetal ultrasound examination of developmental defects.


Pre-NIPT with Panorama22q11 test



Single pregnancy:
383.00 €
Multiple pregnancy:
383.00 €

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