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Additional services

Printout of the coloured pictures of the fetus

  You can get the photos of the procedures seen and experienced in Loote Ultrahelikeskus to later recall and share this wonderful time with the close ones. Photos are coloured and in the size fit for framing 15 x 10 cm.  ...
22.00 €

Ultrasound scan recording on a memory stick, including comments

Although an ultrasound scan taken during any week of pregnancy can be recorded on a memory stick, the best time is 26-32. week of pregnancy, when the baby is developing the facial mimic muscles and it is possible to open his eyes. You can hear the ...
57.00 €

The sending of coloured photos to smart device

If required, it is possible to get the photos of the foetus made during the ultrasound screening into smart devices (smartphone, iPad, computer) by e-mail or SMS message.   The given photos can be viewed and downloaded within 29 days through t...
22.00 €

Fetal ultrasound scan package

The ultrasound examination package is intended for families who want a complex service that includes both professional ultrasound examination and additional services.   The ultrasound package includes:   Fetal 3D / 4D...
205.00 €

Gift card ( Including fetal ultrasound scan package )

Related to the forthcoming Christmas time Loote Ultrahelikeskus offers gift card enabling to make a nice gift to your close ones – give a family an opportunity to meet one’s child before his/her birth. The gift card for the family includes the ultrasound package con...
205.00 €

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