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Pregnant women in Hiiumaa and Rakvere can now have their blood test before their OSCAR test ultrasound examination in the blood sampling point of the local hospital.



In 2020, 44 children were born in Hiiumaa Hospital and 415 children in Rakvere Hospital. At present, ultrasound examinations of the first trimester of pregnancy (OSCAR test) to assess the fetal chromosomal risk and the risk of maternal preeclampsia are not performed in Hiiumaa and Rakvere. This is one of the reasons why some of the women registered for pregnancy in Hiiumaa and Rakvere have turned to the Fetal Ultrasound Screening Center for an OSCAR test.


As the OSCAR test consists of two components - a blood test and an ultrasound examination - so far, women in Hiiumaa and Rakvere have had to come to the Fetal Ultrasound Screening Center at least 2 hours before the ultrasound examination to give a blood test for pregnancy hormones. If an earlier arrival was not possible, the women had to have a blood test just before the ultrasound examination and received a risk assessment response in the same evening by telephone or e-mail.


As a more accurate OSCAR test is available when pregnancy hormones are tested in the 11th week of gestation and ultrasound is performed in the 13th week of gestation, pregnant women can now have their blood tests done at home two weeks before the ultrasound. This option is very popular with women because, in addition to a more accurate test result, they do not have to wait for the results of their blood tests in Tallinn but can better plan their time and come immediately for an ultrasound examination, where pregnancy hormone results are already waiting for them. 


However, it is a good idea for women to come to the ultrasound examination at least 15 to 20 minutes earlier so that the midwife or nurse can measure the women’s blood pressure, weigh them and take a detailed history of obstetric care before the ultrasound examination. This is necessary in order for the risk assessment program to be able to calculate potential risks. If the blood pressure is measured and the woman is weighed on the same day, the result of the OSCAR test will also be more accurate.


In addition to OSCAR test hormones, a blood test can be done in the hometown to assess the risk of preeclampsia in the 19th to 22nd week of gestation and in the 35th to 37th week of gestation.


As some women of Hiiumaa and Rakvere are registered for their pregnancy at the Fetal Ultrasound Screening Center, they can also perform blood tests at their hometown before the appointment with the midwife.


In order to perform tests, it is necessary to first contact our administrator, who will calculate the exact length of the pregnancy on the basis of the information provided by you and accordingly recommend a specific date when you could have a blood test done in your hometown. The administrator will also open a medical history for you and issue a referral, which you will need to take with you when you go to perform a blood test.



When going to perform a blood test, you must have with you a referral issued by us, which must be printed out in advance and taken to the laboratory. The blood sampling fee for the tests ordered by the Fetal Ultrasound Screening Center cannot be paid for on-site. You will pay for these tests at the Fetal Ultrasound Screening Center. If you want additional tests that the Fetal Ultrasound Screening Center has not ordered for you, you will have to pay for them at the blood sampling point.



Blood tests for the Panorama test, Visara test, and Horizon test can still only be performed at the Fetal Ultrasound Screening Center.




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