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Submicroscopic chromosome analysis

Submicroscopic chromosome analysis (CMA analysis) can be offered to patients who have had amniocentesis or chorionic biopsy.


Besides chromosomal diseases diagnosed by classical chromosome analysis under a microscope, this modern chromosome analysisanalysis provides information about smaller changes in chromosomes - microdeletions (loss of genetic material) and duplications (addition of genetic material) and copy number variations (CNV) - that cannot be seen under a microscope with the naked eye, but that can cause genetic diseases causing serious invalidities associated with intellectual disability and congenital developmental disorders in children.


Unlike PanoramaXP test, this test provides information about not only five, but about most of the microdeletions in the child's chromosomes.


The answer to the KMA analysis arrives 35 days after the invasive procedure.


The cost of the chorionic biopsy or amniocentesis is added to the price of the study.



Single pregnancy:
889.00 €
Multiple pregnancy:
1778.00 €

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