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OSCAR test

The first trimester combined screening or OSCAR test is performed on the 12th-14th. week of pregnancy.  Early fetal malformation ultrasound with NIPT tests performed during the screening is not only the most accurate combined prenatal screening for early detection of children with chromosomal disorders, but also early to rule out 100 severe fetal malformations. In addition to detecting fetal pathology, the OSCAR test provides an opportunity to find those women who may experience the following serious complications during pregnancy:


  • Preeclampsia, during which a woman's kidney and liver function is impaired, protein enters the urine, and she develops high blood pressure, which in more severe cases can be accompanied by a life-threatening seizure syndrome.
  • Intrauterine growth retardation, where the fetus does not reach its growth potential and lags behind its peers in growth. Due to the lack of food and oxygen, the gynecologist must monitor the growth and well-being of these fetuses more often with ultrasound examinations and, if necessary, induce labor prematurely if the child's well-being deteriorates.
  • Premature birth, which is due to a change in the structure of the cervix, as a result of which the cervix opens imperceptibly to the woman as the pregnancy progresses, and the child is born prematurely, where he is not yet able to cope with breathing, maintaining temperature and sucking on his own.


The OSCAR test consists of a blood test and an ultrasound examination and is indicated for all pregnant women.

Single pregnancy:
200.00 €
Multiple pregnancy:
235.00 €

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