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Pregnancy registration at the Fetal Ultrasound Center - why come?


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in a woman's life. Most pregnancies go smoothly without problems and women can feel happy. The inner desire of all expectant mothers is to enjoy this beautiful time and to give birth to a healthy and happy child. In order to ensure a safe pregnancy for you, we offer a private pregnancy monitoring system in a cosy environment, based on care, attention, state-of-the-art ultrasound diagnostics and cooperation with the best specialists of various laboratories and medical institutions.


During pregnancy, you will be monitored and guided by our midwives Käthlin Vahtel and Kairi Kivaste along with gynaecologist dr Marek Šois and nurse Diana Jurna.


We also offer a post-natal home visit to all women who have registered a pregnancy with us. The home visit takes place during the first week of a child's life, along with breastfeeding counselling. This way, the young mother always has help and advice so that the postpartum period is safe and carefree. The purpose of post-natal home visits is to prevent potential health problems for the mother and child, to provide needs-based care and treatment, and to support the joy and growth of the family in relation to the birth of the child.



We are waiting for you to register for pregnancy at the Fetal Ultrasound Center!


13 reasons why you might decide to let us monitor your pregnancy:



  • When you register with us, you will feel safe:

    • We protect your personal information and privacy carefully.
    • By offering and wisely combining different cutting-edge tests, we do our best to ensure the most accurate prenatal diagnostics and to keep the number of false-positive test results as low as possible. If the test result shows that the risk of the disease is high, but the fetus or mother is actually healthy, it causes a lot of nerve expenditure and may lead to unnecessary additional tests.
  • By registering with us, you gain a sense of confidence:

    • The gynaecologist, nurse and midwives all do their work with professional thoroughness, discovering possible abnormalities in both you and the baby already at an early stage of the baby's intrauterine development.
    • We constantly keep ourselves up to date with the development of our profession in the world. Based on this, we offer you the best possible healthcare service.
    • We work together with the best professionals in our field from other Estonian medical institutions (gynaecologists, medical geneticists, radiologists, endocrinologists, cardiologists) as well as with consultants from various university hospitals in other parts of the world.
    • Should you or your unborn baby develop a medical problem that requires your hospitalization, we will send you to a stage III treatment facility at the right time for further examination and treatment.
    • We cooperate with Synlab, the best private laboratory in Estonia, and also with the world's leading genetics laboratory, Natera, in the USA.
  • With us, you will feel comfortable:

    • It is easy to come to us - we are located in Tammsaare Business Center in Tallinn, at the intersection of major motorways.
    • There is a large parking lot in front of the building, where you can park for free for 2 hours.
    • The Fetal Ultrasound Center is small and lovely. No more than two families usually wait for their visit in the waiting room.
    • The midwife's office and the ultrasound room are furnished in a way that could make both you and your support person feel comfortable.
  • Throughout your pregnancy, you will be supported by steady midwives:

    • We offer one certain midwife to support you throughout your pregnancy.
    • Our midwives are aware of the course of your pregnancy and you can always contact them on working days in case of problems.
  • You can always count on the support of the gynecologist:

    • We have very close cooperation between midwives and the gynaecologist. In case of problems and abnormalities that the midwife cannot solve on her own, she can quickly get help from the gynaecologist working in the next-door room.
    • The same gynaecologist also performs all the ultrasound examinations during your pregnancy and, thanks to this, is aware of the course of your pregnancy and possible problems.
  • The child's father or the support person can participate in your visits:

    • Despite the coronavirus pandemic, we allow your child's father or a support person to attend the appointments with your midwife and gynaecologist. However, we assume that the support person is wearing a mask, has been vaccinated against the coronavirus, and adheres to the hygiene rules established at the Fetal Ultrasound Center. 
  • At the Fetal Ultrasound Center, the risk of being infected with the coronavirus is lower:

    • Due to the relatively small number of patients visiting our small-scale Fetal Ultrasound Center during the day, and the fact that we comply 100% with all the prescriptions of the Health Board in the battle against coronavirus, the theoretical possibility that you will get coronavirus during your appointment in the Fetal Ultrasound Center is very low.
  • We offer you contact visits only:

    • In the coronavirus pandemic, some medical institutions have introduced telephone visits for monitoring pregnancies. As we cannot objectively assess the well-being of you or your baby during a telephone visit, we only offer contact visits.
  • The ultrasound examinations are 10% cheaper for you:

    • After registration for pregnancy, all ultrasound examinations (including 3D ultrasound examinations) are 10% cheaper for you than shown on the price list.
  • With us you are always welcome and cared for:

    • We offer you and your support person the best possible customer service.
    • Your waiting time for a midwife and gynecologist appointment is as short as possible.
    • The midwife has up to 60 minutes for you during the visit.
    • We offer you comprehensive support and assistance in case of problems during pregnancy.
  • We offer you postpartum home visits and breastfeeding counseling:

    • Our midwife Kairi carry out home visits for the women we have registered during the first week of a child's life, offering their help and support, and, if necessary, breastfeeding counseling, so that your postpartum period could be as safe and carefree as possible.
  • With us, you can get vaccinated against various infectious diseases during pregnancy:


    • We recommend that you vaccinate yourself against the flu because if you have the flu during pregnancy, you have a higher risk of developing severe and life-threatening pneumonia. You can get the vaccine during the appointment with your midwife.

    • In addition, you can get yourself vaccinated against whooping cough, as this is the only way to protect your future child from this potentially life-threatening disease.


  • With us, you save your time:

    • During one visit, we can plan consecutive appointments with the gynaecologist and midwife.
    • You will receive the answer to the urine test brought along with you to the midwife's appointment during the same visit.
    • If necessary, you can also have a blood test during the midwife's appointment.




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