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Fetal Ultrasound Center offers a paperless service


Every birth is a little miracle. It is integral to the primal circle of life. In order to be well cared for, we need to protect our natural environment.


Loote Ultrahelikeskus offers private high-quality ultrasound services based on state-of-the-art technology in comfortable surroundings. We take time for each patient. Every mother-to-be is important to us. With thorough screenings, we can monitor the health of both mother and the baby throughout the pregnancy, and initiate treatment when necessary. This provides confidence and peace of mind. And the more peaceful and happy a mother is, the better it is for the baby to grow and develop.


From now on, mothers-to-be receive all the information and screening data paperlessly – through e-Health infosystems and our cloud service. To make it seamless, we ask patients to download the Tricefy app beforehand so the results can be uploaded immediately. Then it is up to the patient to save and forward the information as found best suitable.


Protecting the environment in even seemingly small things circles back to our children. When we take care of our environment, we improve our children`s lives in the future.


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