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In addition to the pregnant mother, one support person is allowed to join an ultrasound examination at the Fetal Ultrasound Center.


Graph: Number of people infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus in Estonia 31.01.2020-21.06.2020

Considering the significant decrease in the spread of coronavirus in Estonia, the government decided on 18.06.2020 to relax its 2 + 2 requirement. Therefore, in addition to the pregnant mother, one support person is also welcome to visit the Fetal Ultrasound Center.


However, it is still very important that visitors to the Fetal Ultrasound Center behave responsibly to protect their own and others' health, and wear masks and use the disinfectants we offer. Children under 10 do not have to wear masks due to their low viral risk.


Unfortunately, we cannot allow more than one support person to attend an ultrasound examination procedure until the Health Board changes its restrictions.


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