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Preeclampsia risk calculator to the website of Fetal Ultrasound Center


WHO (World Health Organization) and FIGO (International Federation of Gynecologists and Obstetricians) recommend a pre-eclampsia risk assessment for pregnancy.

With this preeclampsia risk calculator, you can assess what is your risk of preeclampsia during the pregnancy and whether you would benefit from the combined preeclampsia risk assessment offered by the Fetal Ultrasound Center in three different trimesters.



Preeclampsia occurs in 1 case per 50 births in Estonia - the average rate of occurrence over the last five years is 2%. A quarter of preeclampsia cases occur before the 34th gestational week and often end with the birth of a premature baby.


Preeclampsia risk assessment is required for all pregnant women on the basis of the anamnesis-based or combined (woman’s age, height, weight, race, smoking, average arterial blood pressure, placental growth factor in blood serum, pulse rate index of blood flow in the uterine arteries measured by ultrasound ) risk assessment. The evaluation of combined preeclampsia in the first trimester allows predicting 76% of preeclampsia cases occurring before the 37th gestational week. Preeclampsia risk calculator based on your medical and obstetrical anamnesis allows predicting 39% of preeclampsia cases that occur before the 37th gestational week.


In case of an increased risk of preeclampsia, the recommended dose of aspirin is 150 mg once a day before bedtime. Aspirin intake should be started not earlier than upon the end of the 12th gestational week and not later than upon the end of the 16th gestational, which is continued until the 36th gestational week (36 weeks + 0 days). Prophylactic treatment with aspirin before the 37th, 34th, and 32nd gestational week decreased the preeclampsia predisposition by 62%, 82%, and 89%.


With this calculator, you can assess whether you would benefit from the combined risk assessment of preeclampsia offered by the Fetal Ultrasound Center.


Check out the Preeclampsia Risk Calculator here


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