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Panorama test can be now performed in Loote Ultrahelikeskus also in case of twins


You can learn with the new Panorama test about:



Whether the twins are either monozygotic or dizygotic.


During the ultrasound scan it is possible to differentiate monozygotic twins from the dizygotic ones by examining the placentas. The monozygotic twins have one placenta for two, dizygotic twins have both their own placenta. At the same time 3% of monozygotic twins have separate placenta. Thus it is possible to be mistaken in the ultrasound scan. By assessing the DNA of fetuses, Panorama test is not making mistakes when differentiating the twins, as the monozygotic twins have identical, but the dizygotic twins have different DNA. The detection of monozygotic twins is important, as they have higher risks of pregnancy (transfusion syndrome between twins, growth retention of one twin, congenital development disorders) and their monitoring during pregnancy differs from the monitoring of dizygotic twins.

The risk of chromosomal diseases is found as to both twins in case of the following chromosomal diseases:


  • trisomy 21, i.e. Down syndrome
  • trisomy 18, i.e. Edwards syndrome
  • trisomy 13, i.e. Patau syndrome


The sex of the fetus can be determined in case of both twins.

During ultrasound scan at pregnancy weeks 11-13 the sex of fetuses can be determined by assessing the angle of genital tubercle to back. According to the latter method the rate of error is about 10%. The sensitivity of Panorama test in determining the sex of fetus is 100%.


Now OSCAR test combined with Panorama test can be offered to the twin-expecting mothers.


The given combined method enables to provide the higher assurance to the family that both twins develop without problems. In case of twins OSCAR test does not assess the risk of preeclampsia and uterine growth retention of the fetus.


Panorama test is not appropriate:


  1. In case of triple pregnancy, if the mother has become pregnant with the help of donor egg
  2. In case of twin pregnancy, if one of the fetuses has perished
  3. In case of triplets
  4. If the transplantation of the marrow has been performed for the pregnant before pregnancy


In case of twins no panel of microdeletions can be required in addition to Panorama test.


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