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Fetal Medicine Foundation extended the licence of OSCAR test up to 7 August 2018


Dr. Marek Šois successfully passed the annual obligatory external audit and exam.

The following had to be performed for passing the exam:

  1. The results of 702 OSCAR test trials performed in Loote Ultrahelikeskus within 29 August 2016 – 4 August 2017 had to be submitted.
  2. The brief internet-based theoretical exam had to be passed.
  3. 3 control pictures on each ultrasound marker had to be submitted.


Dr. Marek Šois was certified as to all five ultrasound markers of OSCAR test:

  1. Nuchal translucency of the fetus
  2. Nasal bone of the fetus
  3. Bloodflow of venous duct
  4. Bloodflow of ternary flap
  5. Bloodflow of uterine arteries


The licence of OSCAR test and the right to use FMF risk calculation programme as to all ultrasound markers were extended up to 7 August 2018 and the name of the doctor was entered to the list of audited ultrasound specialists to the website of Fetal Medicine Foundation.

Table 1. The ultrasound specialists in Estonia who have successfully passed the exam of measuring the nuchal translucency of the fetus and the external audit of Fetal Medicine Foundation of London.



During 2016 773 OSCAR tests were performed in Loote Ultrahelikeskus. The high number of the women pregnant with twins (58 patients, i.e. 7.5%) achieved by IVF (59 patients, i.e. 8.1%) having passed OSCAR test is very noteworthy.


During the given time period 3 miscarriages, 3 severe fetal developmental disorders, 4 fetuses with Down syndrome, 3 fetuses of Edwards syndrome, 1 fetus with Patau syndrome and 1 fetus with trisomy of the 16th chromosome were diagnosed.

Table 2. OSCAR test results in Loote Ultrahelikeskus during 2011 – 2016


* 225 pairs of twins, i.e. 1.6%, were born in Estonia in 2016 (National Institute for Health Development)

** 380 children, i.e. 2.3%, were born by in vitro fertilization in Estonia in 2016 (National Institute for Health Development)


The sign of the good screening test is the high detection rate of chromosomal disease and as low rate of false positive answers as possible which would minimize the need of procedures potentially endangering the life of the fetus (chorionic biopsy, amniotic fluid test).


It is internationally acceptable, if the screening test recognizes 75% of the fetuses with Down syndrome by 3% of false positive screening tests.

The OSCAR test of Loote Ultrahelikeskus complies with these requirements:


The test sensitivity has been 100% during the period of 2011-2016 when 4085 OSCAR tests were performed. This means that no fetus with Down syndrome  remained undiscovered.


Loote Ultrahelikeskus combines OSCAR test with Panorama test and offers Panorama test to all its patients with the risk of Down syndrome higher than 1:1000. The given method has enabled to decrease the number of false positive screening results to 0.64% and increase the positive predictive value of screening test in case of OSCAR test from regular 4% to remarkable 15.3% (1 fetus with Down syndrome per 6.5 positive screening tests).

Table 3. Combining of OSCAR test with Panorama test


Dr. Marek Šois passed the external audit of OSCAR test. We ensure the feeling of security for our patients with the given external audit, by assuring the high quality of OSCAR test offered by Loote Ultrahelikeskus.


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