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Getting the pictures of the fetus into your smart device



If required, the pictures of the fetus and short videoclips made in the course of ultrasound test can be received to smart devices (smart phone, iPad, computer) by e-mail or SMS message.

The given pictures and videoclips can be viewed and downloaded within 29 days through the secure Tricefy cloud used by Loote Ultrahelikeskus and, if required, these can be shown to friends and family members in social media (Facebook, Twitter) as well as printed out as coloured pictures.


The videoclips and pictures have so good quality that these can be used as downloaded in making the first videofilm of the growing baby. Due to the security requirements the pictures and videoclips are encrypted, anonymous and Loote Ultrahelikeskus deletes the photos and videoclips in the cloud automatically after 29 days. If the pictures could not be downloaded within this period, please address the administrator of Loote Ultrahelikeskus for the receipt of the new link.


Pursuant to download the patient is responsible for the secure use and preservation of her pictures and videoclips. The given pictures and videoclips are not meant for medical use. The given additional service is provided to the patients only in case of healthy fetuses.


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